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Welcome to 2017!

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful Holiday season and are back ready to roll for the new year!

We’ve been flat to the boards here at Incognita, mainly in post-production for our current project, Shakespeare Republic, but that meant that the latest delivery from Australia Post was all the more a welcome distraction – because we were getting the latest samples from via Printful.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what’s come in and how they compare to our professional product images.


I was looking forward to getting this bag, as I hadn’t yet seen it in the flesh, so to speak, and was interested to see how close to the picture the print would be.  And I was very, very pleasantly surprised.  The photo on the left is the bag unpacked in our office, the picture on the right -the bag in the professional shot.  As you can see, the print is very close in colour and tone to the picture on the professional photo (which will have had better lighting than just the overhead light in our office, which also has a slight warm tint to it).

The print is sharp and clear, the colours as intended and the bag looks really smart.  The shape of the bottom of the bag is more rounded than the professional picture shows, but it turns out that’s because it’s tucked in to form a reasonably wide floor to the bag, meaning it holds items more comfortably without squashing them together.

The stitching is strong and the bag well made.  The handles are strong and sewn in well.  It will be interesting to see how long it lasts with regular use, but it seems well made and put together.

All up, I’m really happy with this item and I will be using it as my own personal carry bag for my laptop and diary for meetings from here on in (as it’s big and sturdy enough for that and a bit more).  I’ll report back after a few weeks to let you all know how it holds up!

You can purchase your own “All The Glam” Tote Bag HERE.


I was especially interested to see these socks, as they are a new item and I haven’t designed for socks before! Again, the photo on the left is the item unpacked in our office, the photo on the right, the professional shot from Printful.

At first I wasn’t sure what was going on with the print, as it looked a bit uneven.  This is partly due to the sock tops being ribbed, which makes printing on them a little more difficult than, say, a t-shirt, but I also realised that it was partly the fault of the design.  The black in the panels of the design isn’t fully black (this design was hand drawn digitally, and the brush strokes deliberately not even to further give the suggestion of the old comic book style).  Also the design wasn’t printed quite as pictured, losing the symmetry of the text at the bottom of the sock as well as the top.  These aspects combined unfortunately made the final product not quite as pictured in the professional photo.

That aside, the socks are very well made and have extra padding at the heel and toe areas, good stretch and are comfortable to wear.  I’ll be interested to see what happens after I wash them, but the print seems to be well established, so I’m not concerned they’ll fade too much.  I’ll post back here once they’ve been through the wash to let you all know!

I think they’re a cute and fun item, but I’ll be revisiting the price point, as I think they’re a priced a little to high at the moment for what they are.

You can get your own “Rewrite Hell” Socks HERE.


I have to confess this is a new tee design and I’m still not sure about it.  I think it needs a rework, but it was done in a hurry for a friend who wanted it for a convention, so this is how it came out.  I’ll maybe put a “Version 2” up later next month when I get a minute.

That aside, I was really pleased with the way this tee came out.  I don’t know if you can see in the photo on the left (the unpack photo in our office), but the print is very well done, with a slight shine to it (due to it being printed over a white print layer before the black is added – to give detail to the phone box).  It’s also done to keep the colour of the print intact for longer (helps with preventing fading in the wash).

The t-shirt ordered was a size 2XL, made by American Apparel and it was the right size for what was expected.  And, it was the same colour as the one pictured in the professional shot, which is also a good thing.

I tend to wear my own t-shirts all the time (as any Shakespeare Republic “making of” video will likely show you – they’re very comfortable to wear when directing!), so I’m looking forward to adding some more of these to my personal collection this year!

Print was sharp and clear, no fuzziness or unevenness.  Tee is of a great design and construction (as American Apparel tees usually are).  Love it and very happy with this one!

I’ll report back after it’s been through the wash a few times, but I’m not expecting any problems with it due to the high quality and excellent print techniques used.

You can get your own “Future Doctor” Women’s Tee HERE.


I’m very excited to be working with Printful to bring all of Incognita’s designs back to the world this year.  And, to thank you for reading through this whole post, I’d like to offer you a Grand Re-Opening discount on all items for sale here at!  15% off everything until January 31, 2017.  Just use coupon grandreopening2017 at checkout to get your discount.

Speak again very soon!

Sally McLean
Creative Director/Designer
Incognita Enterprises/Incognita Store
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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